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We also do stair Rails and Heavy duty attic stairs as well as attic decking to give you much more space.

​​​Attic Lift systems, like the Versalift garage storage system, can be used for more than just taking storage items up to the garage. We live in a spacious split-level home and this is one of the best solutions ever imagined for getting things up and down to where they belong.
Originally, we were thinking that there was no way this would work out. We do have an attic, albeit a small one, that we thought we could run the system up through. Yet, that meant passing through our bedroom if we ran it straight up from the garage. We did a little more research and found out that you can use lift systems for a lot more than just making some garage space, and we opted to run it directly through the house instead.
What a difference these garage attic ideas have made. It’s like finally having that spare pair of legs we have always needed. When there are items that need to be carted through all three levels, we just load it up on the lift. Holiday gifts are a breeze as well. Instead of making sixteen trips up and down the stairs, which might wake the kids, we load up the lift and send them down for a fast and quiet stacking of the gifts. If someone wakes up prematurely, they are not going to catch us with gifts in our hands as we run up and down in between levels.

While it was clear that we could use the help carrying items up and down the stairs, what we didn’t realize was how it would make the whole house easier to keep clean and tidy. It had not occurred to us that a big part of our general tidiness problem was an unwillingness to take things from one floor to the next. A lift system is so effortless that it no longer seems to be a big chore to make sure everything ends up in the right place the first time it lands.
There are plenty of reasons to add a lift system to your home. Organizing the garage is really just the beginning. No matter how you choose to use a garage attic lift, the bottom line is that it cuts down on time and energy sapped by the chronic chore of picking stuff up. Home organization is not difficult when you do not have to be taxed by it. It is amazing how fast and easy it is to get something done when it is no longer really considered to be a chore.

Our entire home is neater, easier to navigate, and much more organized than it was even when we first moved in. Without a garage attic lift system we were being overtaken by the stacking of little things that had to go to a different floor. Soon we had little piles of things all over the place and eventually the mess grew to be bigger than either one of us wanted to deal with. If you are considering a lift system for more than just garage space, it is our recommendation that you go for it. You will not believe how much it will change how you live.

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