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Above Ground Storm Shelter Solutions Without Sacrificing Space 
The Life Lift Systems Bed is an innovative new technology that allows for in-home protection from severe weather without sacrificing any additional space in your home. It is manufactured in Oklahoma but available throughout the United States via our dealer network. The storm shelter bed allows many advantages over traditional in-ground and above ground shelters and can be moved to different rooms or moved to a new home when you relocate. It is also the perfect solution for wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as those with limited mobility as they can easily access the shelter without the danger of accessing steps. The bed lift system also acts as high low option allowing for easier transfers back and forth from the bed to a wheelchair. Also is the only home Invasion Proof system built in the USA to protect your whole Family in the invent of a home invasion, bullet proof Technology, with options for Gun Racks, Lighting, Fans, Security system connections, that will contact fire/Police and Law enforcement with many other options per your Families Requierments. Osha, FEMA, ADA, CE  and Energy Star approved!

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